Monday, September 9, 2013

JIE FANG BEI PEOPLE-- UNCUT 解放碑人 ChongQing, China 重庆中国

Such a fun adventure, many of the Chinese people who live here in ChongQing get out at nights after work and go places, its like an event every night because there are so many people out. Loving being around all of these people, so many of whom are super friendly. Not all of course, but so many are. Of course we are a novelty of sorts in this city, way inland... a 1000 miles from those large cities like ShangHai or BeiJing which have a more significant "westernized" element...  but ChongQing is a much more authentic Chinese culture experience, IMO.  Because of the lack of western influence.  I like it.

LB Keep these videos coming, I'm loving it !

RJ Too cool! I'm glad you guys are having this adventure and posting videos so all of us can join you!! I love that random people come up to you and want pictures with you! It's hilarious!

SRA Hey dad, I remember that song! Isn't that something I did on the chordboard?

GJ Hey Bear, yes, that last song is one that you wrote (Mayan Eyes) and the one before that, one that I wrote (Straight Line). Great instrumental music, upbeat. You wrote that song in 2007.

SRA Cool! Such a long time ago, I can't wait to not be busy and start writing music!

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