Thursday, June 12, 2014

Song #100 this past year!!! Adam Lehi Johnson celebrates this milestone with a new soundtrack: "PARADISE"

Adam writes his 100th song in ChongQing, China, and is pretty excited about closing out his 7th album of music.

This song, PARADISE, is composed with 12 tracks of symphonic sounds using the Yamaha Motif XS 8, Adam records using Logic Pro 9 and X on a daily basis.

Here is his latest composition © 2014 written in June 2014:

The Enoch Studio has been revving it up for the Machu Picchu Shows including MPN: MACHU PICCHU NEWS,  IMO: IN MY OPINION,  and IBIS: I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE.  We are also rolling out our English Video Class series for Mandarin learners.

So everyone is active now, creating drawings, backgrounds, music scores, videos, animations, and green screen performances using tele-prompters in some cases.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I think this page is self-explanatory. We had a great time in Hong Kong after we got our visas in hand, Which was a difficult process for us. But after we had them, we could relax a little bit, and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg to go to Disneyland so we went. About 50 bucks for kids each, and 60 bucks for adults so it's actually a little cheaper than what they charge in America. But the place is a little bit smaller, Has less rides, In some cases shorter rides, but what a memory! What a great time we had! We are so thankful that we could do something fun for the family after all of the busy government paperwork etc. It took so much time and money. In fact, each visa cost each of our six family members $200 each. Ouch. Disneyland was less than a third of that.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"IT'S A BIG WORLD OUT THERE" Hong Kong Beaches and Double Decker Buses

When we first arrived in Hong Kong we were ready to take care of business and get our tourist visas to go back to the mainland China. Our home was there. All of our things were there in the mainland. We had to get back in. But we had a little problem with our planning of this trip. What we did not realize is that down in Hong Kong they were celebrating A four day holiday weekend for Easter. So our plans to go to the Chinese consulate on Friday were foiled. Same with Monday.

So we decided to try to make the best of it and take a little vacation time. It also meant that our return flight tickets would be wasted and lost because there was no way we were going to be able to return on Tuesday. We also had to make new reservations at another hotel. A lot of expenses taking place but nothing we could do about it. So in this video and a few of the hundreds of pics we took, it documents just a little taste of what we experienced on the weekend traveling on the double-decker buses and going to one of the local beaches on the Hong Kong Island on the southeast side, and visiting Disneyland after the weekend was over. 

We also visited the Temple there of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We also went to church on Sunday and met so many wonderful people in that branch that meet together each Sunday on the main island in a nice building just across the street from the Chinese consulate in the central area. I can't say enough about the Saints in Hong Kong. They were wonderful people and I really enjoyed my visit there with my family. I would love to go back and see them again someday. One man that I met was Dastan from Togo Africa. He was a wonderful person.

Friday, April 4, 2014

MY Baby, Audrey, Rides Her New Bike for 1st Time. Adam's composition: THE ADVENTURE

Audreys First BIKE RIDE in China with Chinese Friends (and Adam climbs a tree). Audrey "crashed" only three times in this vid LOL, but she kept on going, only ego bruised a bit really, so excited about her new skill and adventure! Riding a bike, so FUN.
Also, her brother Adam, 11, wrote this music a couple of days ago...
Here's the video I made to document the experience a bit, and also showcase some of the new music that Adam just wrote.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chinese Changing FACE MASK SHOW in ChengDu, China

This show was fantastic!  Performed by a professional acting crew while you eat dinner cooked in front of you... we had the best seat in the house, thanks to our good and gracious friends, the Weavers.  The venue is in ChengDu China, which is a very large mega population city in western China, and it is "near" to the large city of ChongQing which has 32,000,000 people more or less.  These two cities are connected by high speed train and a highways system for those who would drive the 300 km distance, or about 200 miles.  By train, it is a 2 hour trip, and our family rode the train.  We were going to Chengdu for the first time, and after being in China for 10 months now we had never yet left the city.  But our little daughter Audrey, 8 years old, was going to be baptized and we were meeting up with a more formally organized branch of our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in ChengDu where they have an official branch there with over 50 members.  It was a great weekend, and we were treated to this dinner show by our friends who live in the City, the Weavers.

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

 photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year 新年快乐 2014 in ChongQing, China 重庆中国

Like racing through the streets of Disneyland on he opening hour, our family set to the streets to chase the fireworks shows.  We ran from place to place and this video documents our adventure.

Chinese New Year 2014 in ChongQing China fireworks, a war on the evil spirits to drive them away, each year the noise, the flashes, the colorful fireworks show are happening all over... we ran through the streets to catch as many as we could in 40 minutes.  How exciting.  中国新2014年在重庆中国烟花。传统说,这些烟花爆竹吓唬邪灵离开,带来好运气。每年有大量的噪声,闪烁着五颜六色的烟花都见识过...招摇过市我们家跑去看尽可能多的烟花,我们可以在40分钟内看到。多么令人兴奋。
video shot by grant johnson on Chinese New Year from midnight to 12:40 am in Chongqing China near 龙湖西路/新南大道 路口 © enoch media, and music composed by adam lehi johnson © 2013/2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Old Town Ci Qi Kou in ChongQing China 老城磁器口在中国重庆

We went here to CI QI KOU 磁器口 with friends and had a great time!!! We went with Ken my Chinese friend in this video.

My Daughter Emily and Grant Johnson

Also taught at an English school, Ken's school, in downtown ChongQing ShaPingBa area and had a great time there too. Christa had a class, and I participated in another. The kids in the class I was in were great! Had a good talk with them too.  They work so hard, study so much, and yet they too have hopes and dreams for other things. 

When I showed one young man our music studio because he liked music, his face fell a bit as he realized he would never be able to do that soon, being obligated to studies from morning until late at night, every night. 

This was a Saturday that he was also at a special English school getting even more learning. 

I feel like kids need more time to play and have social interaction, and I can tell that these kids too, want that. 

They need that, but they are feeling the realities of what happens if you don't study hard and get the consequences of lack of future opportunities.

it's way cooler than I thought it would be, and the people experience in public places is tops here. We're having a great time with so many people.

Here are several photos taken from the video (screen captures):

Adam eating the honey candy chew  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

the musicians at the tea house  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

the candy mix and pounding table  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

the packed streets  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

Audrey getting some money out to pay the lady for candy honey  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

Audrey getting professional calligraphy advice  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

Emily in the tea house  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

looking at family photos with the musicians  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

pounding the candy dough mix  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

churning the sticky rice  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

on the streets  photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios

in the tea house, the musicians photo © 2014 grant johnson enoch studios