Monday, September 30, 2013

TWO WEEKS of Vacation!! What to do with it?


TODAY is the beginning of eight days away from engineering! What to do? Start with prayer. Figure it out. Get er done! So many creative ideas.

First inspiration item: Call SJ. Hey SJ! Trying to get a hold of you...  Second inspiration item: Music in China. Make some.

Third inspiration item: Find a hardware store! Get PVC pipe, make green screen walls for set.


SJ Just call me! I also have Skype on my phone September 30, 2013 at 10:30am · Like 

 GJ I tried that . Hey you call me, then I might have the right number... I am on Skype now

SJ My Skype name is ********* 

GJ ok, looking up right now... 
  Off to the "Hardware Stores" to find stuff to make the green screen walls for the sets. I've got green screen curtains from America, but nothing to hang it on. 

 GJ Christa is off to GuanYingQiao to meet with the committee for International Woman's Group in ChongQing, of which she is now a part! After that, going to visit a new family here in ChongQing, the K's who are from America, work for Ford. A lot of social things planned for this week. And a lot of creative things as well. So fun to have the change of pace. 

 SRA Have fun! Let me know how it goes, getting the green screen set up!

 KSR I am so enjoying your journey...only wish we could come visit you guys 

 CM christa is superwoman 

 GJ Thanks KSR, and you guys are welcome anytime! 

 JN How bout us? Can we come visit? 

GJ Of course, get over here JN! 

 RJ We want pictures and videos of all your fun creativity ASAP!! 

GJ OK! but we are ramping up still lol 

 GJ Had a setback with some puffy eye allergic reaction to some soap yesterday… opposition in all things I say! Life was not meant to be easy, just worth it! 

 SRA Uh oh! Hope it's getting better.. 

RJ Oh boo! Sorry Dad!! 

 GJ My eyes look like raccoons. No pictures forthcoming… 

 SRA Aww poor dad! 🐼 Kinda like this face? Lol 

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