Thursday, June 12, 2014

Song #100 this past year!!! Adam Lehi Johnson celebrates this milestone with a new soundtrack: "PARADISE"

Adam writes his 100th song in ChongQing, China, and is pretty excited about closing out his 7th album of music.

This song, PARADISE, is composed with 12 tracks of symphonic sounds using the Yamaha Motif XS 8, Adam records using Logic Pro 9 and X on a daily basis.

Here is his latest composition © 2014 written in June 2014:

The Enoch Studio has been revving it up for the Machu Picchu Shows including MPN: MACHU PICCHU NEWS,  IMO: IN MY OPINION,  and IBIS: I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE.  We are also rolling out our English Video Class series for Mandarin learners.

So everyone is active now, creating drawings, backgrounds, music scores, videos, animations, and green screen performances using tele-prompters in some cases.

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