Saturday, October 26, 2013

The River Convergence Spot: Jialing and Yangtze Rivers 嘉陵江和长江

Our Family On The Yangtze River Near to Where the Halloween Cruise Ship Will Be © 2013

The ChongQing Rivers Convergence Spot: Jialing and Yangtze Rivers 嘉陵江和长江

Its Saturday morning in China, and we've got a big Halloween Party to go to tonight. Christa's gone teaching English. Emily and Jaylene are gone, went with Edurne Benevides (leader with ChongQing International Women's Group) to go decorate the Ship. Over 300 people are coming tonight (400 wanted to). Christa is going over after class to help with others to decorate and get it set up. Christa and I have got our PIRATE costumes. Emily=angel, Adam=Spidey, Audrey=witch, Jaylene=pikachu. We got all our costumes ordered on what a crazy day. Christa stayed up all night sewing Emmy's costume. I can't mitigate that. I'm with Adam and Audrey, and we'll go downtown to the Yangtze River ship later this afternoon and meet up with the others. Pics and Vids will follow  This should be a great activity, meet a lot of people too!! That's what its all about.

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