Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Ship on the Yangtze River 对长江船舶万圣节派对

Halloween Ship on the Yangtze River
This video was taken while were on our way to and after we arrived to the Halloween Ship Party on the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang 长江). Christa is part of the committee of the ChongQing International Women's Group (IWG) with several other ladies in this city, and they secured a ship, made the invitations, promoted it, and got 400 people to want to pay and come to this event.  These events they hold are always benefitting the charitable causes this group also supports.  Pretty cool, and we had a great time and met some new people too. —


AHLG How cool! I love seeing the videos and seeing how much fun you're having. It's just awesome. Love you

LLC WOW! Decorating, planning and creating must be in your blood Cousin. Your MOM and DAD definitely rubbed off on you.

LLC YOU throw one HECK of a PARTY Christa!

SJ Wow.. I've got an influential mommy!

LLC Oh, and Grant - thanks for sharing with us you and yours awesome journey and experiences. Even though you all are so far away it is like we are all with you through your videos.

AHLG I saw 6 1/2 min. I love the videos, keep them coming!

NP Worked fine for me! Looks like crazy fun!

GWV How cool!

PAM That looks like it was so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing!!

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