Monday, January 2, 2012

FCPX is Fast. Even with several other programs running.

Some pro editors were saying how slow FCPX was in the edit. I didn't have that experience on my new Mac Mini, so I did a test. I opened up FCPX on my mac mini server quad core running Lion, and threw a few curve balls at it. Like running a 1080P video screen capture program while I switched between programs (see vid below), a process that is intense in and of itself, and I did it while FCPX was playing a video from the timeline, and in the background I was doing file maintenance on my Microsoft Entourage (Outlook) email program... Here's a 1080P screen capture of running 5 fairly intense programs at once on my mac mini server quad core i7, including FCPX doing playback unrendered (orange line still there), iTunes is open taking up RAM, Firefox open taking up RAM, and Microsoft Entourage open and doing a 3 minute intense file deletion process of 25000 messages getting deleted engaging the hard drive, and capturing all this into a 1 GB file running Screenflick capturing 1080P. That's three intense hard drive activities taking place simultaneously, and yet the playback in FCPX was still pretty good. Screenflick was only able to grab about 20 frames/sec considering. One trick I have found in running the program to make the playback much smoother is to change the “Playback Quality” option from “High Quality” to “Best Performance.” This helps prevent playback stutter inside of FCPX.

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