Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year 新年快乐 2014 in ChongQing, China 重庆中国

Like racing through the streets of Disneyland on he opening hour, our family set to the streets to chase the fireworks shows.  We ran from place to place and this video documents our adventure.

Chinese New Year 2014 in ChongQing China fireworks, a war on the evil spirits to drive them away, each year the noise, the flashes, the colorful fireworks show are happening all over... we ran through the streets to catch as many as we could in 40 minutes.  How exciting.  中国新2014年在重庆中国烟花。传统说,这些烟花爆竹吓唬邪灵离开,带来好运气。每年有大量的噪声,闪烁着五颜六色的烟花都见识过...招摇过市我们家跑去看尽可能多的烟花,我们可以在40分钟内看到。多么令人兴奋。
video shot by grant johnson on Chinese New Year from midnight to 12:40 am in Chongqing China near 龙湖西路/新南大道 路口 © enoch media, and music composed by adam lehi johnson © 2013/2014

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